Art Councils

Arts Councils

Advisory Council
The Advisory Council is a body of professionals, community leaders and past KAC board members who provide advice and support, and work to expand KAC’s reach in the community. The Advisory Council consists of KAC’s most esteemed supporters and advocates.
Susan Pappalardo, Co-Chair
Brad Weed, Co-Chair
Carol Belval
Merrily Dicks
Judy Harris
Joan McBride
Margaret Meister
Susan Thurston
The Guidance Council
The Guidance Council is a capacity-building body of community leaders and professionals who provide valuable expertise and services that inform and advise KAC’s leadership.
Rick Nicholson, Northwest People Stuff
Phil Sandifer, The Lakes Group
William Snead, ExxonMobil
Tracy Thorleifson, Federal Trade Commission
The Creative Council
Justin Colt Beckman
Elizabeth A. Brown
Charlie Kitchings
Greg Kucera
Scott Lawrimore
Beth Sellars
Please direct any inquiries relating to the Art Councils (Advisory, Guidance, or Creative) here.