Board of Directors

KAC Board Opportunities

KAC is seeking visionary leaders with a commitment to KAC's mission and non-proft excellence for new Board of Director positions.

Board of Directors

Board of Directors
Suzy Mings, President
Allison Corby, Vice President
Eugene Lee, Secretary
Scott Becker, Treasurer
Joan Wrench, Past President
Svetlana Benzie
Cheryll Leo Gwin
Marty Peterson
Joe Scalone
The role of the board
The Board of Directors plays a vital role in the leadership of Kirkland Arts Center.

The Board provides the guidance and support necessary for KAC to fulfill its mission, vision, and goals. Board members actively participate in areas such as finance, marketing, fund raising, strategic and event planning.

Please direct any inquiries relating to the Board of Directors to KAC Board President, Suzy Mings by emailing: dmingssuzy(at)