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New Incoming Artists

Kirkland Arts Center (KAC) Store and our Mission

KAC Store is a volunteer operated retail gallery of locally made art and fine craft. Our mission is to provide community visibility to emerging and professional artists, and promote Kirkland Arts Center visual arts programs.

Juried Work:  First time artists jury review fee is $25. The Store looks for unique, original or limited-production work crafted with technical capability, having wide retail appeal and best representing an artist’s body of work. Art is accepted according to quality of art and the Store’s changing medium, style, and display space requirements. Work that is less than three years old is preferred.

Jury Review Deadlines will occur in 2015 during the week after these dates: Apr. 18, July 25, Oct. 24. Please submit jpeg files of photos of 3 -5 pieces of your work by 5pm on these dates to   After jury review you will be notified and may deliver accepted work to the KAC Store on the following Saturday or Sunday. Volunteer staff will assist you with an Inventory Form and Artist Consignment Agreement. Store Jury Committee
members review submissions and select works best matching the KAC Store display requirements for the upcoming display period as well as general mission. KAC also reserves the right to reject work that is not up to the quality
standards acceptable to the Store. We ask your respectful acceptance if some work is declined. Artists are notified of selection by email in 2-5 days following review dates above. Unselected work is to be picked up the following week.

Annual fee:  The annual fee is $25 for artists who volunteer. Annual fee will be higher for non-volunteering artists.

Jury Fee payment options are:  cash, check or credit card paid in person at the KAC store or checks mailed to the Kirkland Arts Center Store at 336 Park Place Center, Kirkland, Wa. 98033, or payment can be made on line via PayPal, at - click on the store tab. The live PayPal tab is there with the jurying instructions.

Prepare your work:  Each piece of work should be labeled: Artist first name, middle initial, last name; title of work; dimensions; medium; and retail price. Protectively wrap your work. Every care will be taken with your work.
Photographic Requirements: Submit jpeg files. Maximum size 3 MB, maximum resolution 200 ppi, dimension on shortest side 1,200 ppi. On your submittal, describe your work with Artist first name, middle initial, last name; title of
work; dimensions; medium; and retail price. By submitting appealing photos of your work, it more likely to be accepted into the store plus you can use these images to broaden your reach into other markets. These photographs
will also be used to market the store as well as your art. Should you need to have professional photographs taken of your work, we have arranged special pricing with Larey McDaniel at
2-D work: The “fit and finish” of your work is important. Elaborate framing isn’t necessary; quality wrapped canvases and good-quality framing is desirable. Signatures on work are important. Please note if work is a giclée reproduction,
or a numbered piece in a series.

All 2-D work must arrive with hanging wire attached, on D-rings is preferred. Saw tooth hangers are not accepted.

3-D work:  Decorative sculptural work, trend-oriented, and functional work is popular. Please identify if your functional work (i.e., glass, ceramic, metal) is food safe, dishwasher-safe, microwaveable, and indoor/outdoor safe.
Jewelry:  Assembled work is accepted based on the quality of the materials used and originality of combinations. Hand-wrought metals are desirable. Earring wires must be non-allergenic, non-reactive sterling silver, gold, or
surgical steel; no plated ear wires, please. Please identify on the tag or card the metal content and/or stone type of

Textiles:  Seasonal, contemporary color palettes preferred, and trend-oriented materials and styles are popular.

Artist bio:  We’d like your artist bio or Statement. What are the basics about you, and about your work specifically.

Loss or Damage: Unless otherwise provided by law, the KAC Store  shall  be responsible for loss or damage of Art in its possession or while out of the Store on approval except for loss or damage caused by earthquake, flood, or other natural disaster or consequence thereof, an inherent flaw in the Art itself, or loss or damage caused by the Artist or anyone acting on behalf of the Artist or loss or damage solely the responsibility of a third party and the Store’s liability for any loss shall be limited to the artist commission value for the Art which the parties agree is the fair net value of the Art to the Artist.   The Store reserves the right to decline to accept Art which is subject to damage either in storage or display. 

Artist Sales Commissions & Store Discounts for Volunteers

KAC Store pays the Artist a base sales commission of 50% of the Retail price of the Artist's consigned work. The Artist earns an additional 5% for each Store shift (7.5% Saturday and Sunday shifts) worked, to a maximum of 70% commission, per month. A qualifying Store shift is a 4-5 hour shift weekday or weekend.  All artists are expected to work at least 2 shifts per month.  Artists not able to work shifts will pay $75.00 per year annual fee.  Artists working shifts will pay a $25.00 per year fee. Other volunteer projects may earn Store credit, depending on hours KAC Store is entirely volunteer-operated and requires Artist participation.

Store Artists are eligible to receive a 10% discount on Store purchases.


Store hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 11am-7pm.  Sunday, Noon-5pm. 336 Park Place Center, Kirkland, WA 98033 425-822-7161 x 100

For Jurying questions,  please contact the Store Jury Committee at To schedule your Store training session and to volunteer, please contact the Store Volunteers' Coordinator, Elaine Moore, (425) 765-1875,