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The opening of Reflections has been postponed due to public health measures related to COVID-19. The KAC team is actively working to ensure you still have the opportunity to explore this exhibit virtually! Stay tuned for updates.


From 1962 to the Future

An Exhibition for Kirkland Arts Center

By Donna Lindeman Porter

Within these brick walls, creative sparks have been nurtured and sent out into the world.

We honor many who fanned those sparks into flames.

Artists, teachers, collectors, donors, staff, and all who have cared for this special place.

A look back at where we’ve been, with an eye to where we may go.

Featuring the work of:
Beth Adams
Vineeta Agarwal
Rohit Amberker
Lalitha Bandaru
Jacqui Beck
Sue Bell
Lisa Berkman
Jean Beuoy
Charles Bigger
Susan Derrick
Carla Dimitriou
Angie Dixon
Lorri Falterman
Claire Faltesek
Carol Gouthro
Gail Grinnell
Liza Halvorsen
Larry Halvorsen
Lois Harbaugh
Judith Heim
Barbara Hennig
Linda Hughes
Myra Kaha
Karen Klee-Atlin
L. Kelly Lyles
Anna Macrae
Meg Murch
Don Myhre
Michael Ottersen
Satomi Pellerin
Wayne Pennington
Carol Ross
Harriet Sanderson
Andria Senini
Joanne Shellan
Charlotte Simpson
Shima Star
Tip Toland
Joann Wadge
Patti Warashina
Pat Pauley
Cheryll Leo-Gwin
Bear Haracz
Val DeWald
John Harter
Ken Slusher
Aaron Murray
Wally Warren
Kim Kasabali
Dick Elliott

This is the second exhibition of KAC’s 2020 theme: Heritage and Hindsight. The exhibitions featured in our gallery this year will be speaking to and honoring where we’ve come from and where we’d like to go.