What Words Could Not Express: The Iceland Series

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Painter Chris Sheridan showcases his lively and engaging oil paintings of the Icelandic landscape on display at the Kirkland Public Library. View open hours.

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  • Chris Sheridan, Painter

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About the Artist

My desire to paint is fueled by my desire to explore, and lately what has stoked that desire is the natural world. For me, landscape painting transcends merely recreating a view of a place using paint. It is the device I use to escape the comforts of home and immerse myself in the discovery of not only the world around me, but myself. There is no lack of wisdom to be gained while alone in the forest. It usually presents itself in the form of introspection, humility and the eagerness to find meaning.

The paintings themselves follow a stream of consciousness from one wonder to the next. They are a travel journal where words may have failed, but paint describes the vast array of color and values, the chemistry between sky, land and water, and the absolute power of nature’s forces through mark making and movement.

Because I am a storyteller at heart, simply sharing my paintings falls short. Since my impulse is to share these experiences in a broader sense, I include the coordinates to each location with my titles. Some are exact; others will get the viewers close enough to discover their own story.

All artwork displayed at the Kirkland Public Library Satellite Exhibition is for sale as marked by the Kirkland Arts Center.