• Studio tour locations are strictly limited to the Kirkland area.
  • Artists who do not have a studio within Kirkland will be placed at a local gallery or at another artist’s studio.
  • All Tour locations remain open with artists present on May 13 & 14 from 10AM – 6PM
  • Artists are responsible for collecting and remitting sales tax on all sales.
  • Artists are responsible for insuring their studios for this event.
  • Artists are responsible for distributing at least 100 KAST Marketing Materials before the event and/or assisting with selling Catalog Ad Spaces or Sponsorships to local businesses.
  • The Application and Release Forms must be filled out completely and submitted to Kirkland Arts Center by February 28th, 2017. ($150 Early Bird application fee by Feb 1, and $175 regular application fee by Feb 28) If submitted after Feb 28, an additional $25 fee will be applied.
  • 3-5 digital images of artist work must be submitted via email for promotional use and advertising.
  • If you are interested in donating to support Kirkland Arts Center, please contact Jennifer Gill, Development Director at or 425.822.7161 x 103.
  • Communication among artists and Kirkland Arts Center will be primarily via email so all artists must have a working email address.


In order to ensure the success of the Studio Tour, Kirkland Arts Center has established the following guidelines:

  • All work submitted for jury and sold during KAST must be original artwork, of professional quality, and appropriate for all audiences. Works may not be produced from commercial kits or prefabricated forms. Second hand items and imports are not accepted.
  • If you participated in KAST in 2016 you do not need to be juried in for the 2017 Tour. Artists are eligible to participate in the Tour for 2 consecutive years without having to be re-juried.
  • All applicants must submit an application for 2017, and email new digital images of your work for inclusion in promotional materials. New artists to KAST will be juried for acceptance into the Tour. After acceptance, artists are subject to re-jury every 2 years to ensure the standard of work is maintained. New applicants will be notified by KAC staff of their acceptance into KAST 2017.



  • Studios have more visitors when there is more than one artist showing. Artists are ultimately responsible for finding their own space to show, but KAC is happy to provide introductions and assistance in finding a space. Most artists on the Tour are happy to share studio space to ensure good traffic. Also, artists have more visitors when studios are clustered together. You can create a cluster of studios by inviting artists in your area to participate. KAC will help coordinate the placement of new artists and provide networking opportunities for 2017 KAST participants through social media.
  • Artists are greatly encouraged to provide demonstrations of their artistic process while open to the public during KAST.
  • If not actually creating art during the Tour, it is highly recommended that each studio has an actual art production area (materials and tools displayed, half finished works, etc.) open to the public (besides the art, this is what the public comes to see).
  • Studio spaces must be suitable for showing work and welcoming visitors: appropriate lighting, sufficient space for art to be displayed in a presentable manner, and room for visitors to move around comfortably, etc.
  • Parking should be considered and space for parking should be available for visitors.

KAST Artists are strongly encouraged to attend All-Artist Meetings: Dates TBD


As a KAST participant, you will receive:

  • Listing by name and studio location, with color image in the official KAST brochure
  • Listing by name, with Bio and images of your work on KAC website
  • Link from KAC/KAST website to personal website, if appropriate
  • KAST publicity (street banners, print and online advertising, email announcements, KAC newsletter and catalog, and more.)
  • Thousands of brochures mailed out locally
  • Exterior signage to guide guests to your studio
  • Artist management, support, and communication through Kirkland Arts Center


If you have any questions, ideas, or concerns relating to KAST, please email KAC at 425.822.7161 x 106

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