Brandy Agun

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A portion of Brandy’s artist statement is as follows: “My journey into art has been life long.  Starting when I was a young child I was fascinated by the renaissance masters and remain so to this day.  I recall drawing, coloring and painting as most children do in a blissful manner being completely unselfconscious of what others may think of my end result.  Years later as art became my passion and my life it became very important to me how people responded to my work. In fact, it occurred to me that I was creating images as much for others as for myself.  My motivation was to share with others insight into our natural surroundings and our shared, human experiences. To this end, I feel for my art to have a lasting impact it is imperative to develop skills enabling me to produce the powerful structure inherent in solid compositional choices and the subtle nuances necessary to depict the emotional breadth and depth of nature and people.”

Brandy currently teaches the following classes:
Basic Oil Painting
Teen Figure