Molly Murrah

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Molly Murrah is an experienced watercolor artist who has lived and worked in the Seattle area since 1982. She started painting in 2001, and has studied with nationally known watercolor instructors over the years. Molly first began teaching watercolor classes in 2010 when she presented two online webinars to a combined total of 2,000 beginning watercolor students around the world. Presently she teaches classes and workshops at Kirkland Arts Center, Daniel Smith Artists’, plus several art associations and local galleries. A Signature Member of the Northwest Watercolor Society, Molly is very involved as a volunteer and served as President in 2013-2014. Molly’s strengths as an artist lie in composition, color harmonies, and the representation of light. These skills were greatly influenced by many years spent as a professional graphic designer. Now concentrating on her fine art career, Molly still incorporates her design expertise in her painting and teaching.

Molly currently teaches a Watercolor Pet Portraits class.