Board of Directors & Advisory Councils

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Board of Directors

Chris has spent the last two decades in tech and videogames marketing and now focuses on supporting small businesses and nonprofits. He rediscovered his passion for oil painting and comics art through KAC and is a strong proponent for art as therapy that should be accessible to all.

Grace grew up in Scotland, earning an MA at University of Aberdeen before embarking on a career in Human Resources in the Oil Industry, spending 15 years between London, Dallas, and Los Angeles. She then worked for 18 years in the Toy Industry in HR, Talent, Diversity and Leadership Development roles.  In 2020, after 25 years in Southern California Grace moved to the Pacific Northwest.  Grace has worked closely with creatives and artists during her career and has supported and been involved with art organizations in her life outside of work. She believes that communities who truly support and nurture artistic and creative organizations build a healthier, happier, more diverse and overall richer living environment for their members.

Neeta is a physician and ceramic artist. She went to medical school in Philadelphia, completed residencies in anesthesia and pediatrics in NYC and currently works in administration at Virginia Mason. She has been a ceramic student for more than 20 years and at KAC for the past ten years. Neeta hopes to contribute a student perspective to the board. Inspired by the likes of Robert Rauschenberg, she has a broad view of what constitutes art and believes virtually everyone is an artist and deserves the opportunity to create.

Will McDermott is an author and editor who has published eight novels and written for more than 20 games. He has edited magazines in numerous industries and written several nonfiction books. Will’s writing has been translated into many languages around the world.

Tracy grew up in Duluth, Minnesota, then moved to Los Angeles to pursue graduate studies at the University of Southern California, earning a Ph.D. in Critical Studies from the School of Cinematic Arts. She served as the Academic Director of Intercollegiate Media Studies at the Claremont Colleges before relocating to Kirkland in 2011. Before retiring in 2021, Tracy worked on policy and organizational change at Bellevue College.

Jaime previously served on the KAC Gala Committee and is honored to continue her support of the Kirkland Arts Center. After graduating from UCSD, Jaime moved to the Seattle area where she enjoyed a career in Stage Management (Seattle Rep, Seattle Children’s Theatre, Seattle Opera, ACT, and S.I.F.F.) before transitioning to the video games industry as a producer in publishing and marketing. Jaime currently helps to sustain arts education within the Lake Washington School District as an Art Docent at her daughter’s elementary school.

Beatriz is a native of Spain who moved to the U.S. 16 years ago after earning her Finance degree from Saint Mary’s University in Canada. She has been a Kirkland resident for more than ten years, where she lives with her two sons, Adrian, and Ryan. A financial services professional with Fearless Wealth, Beatriz is a champion for non-profits, including Dress for Success, the Kirkland Chamber of Commerce, and KAC.  Beatriz believes that from creativity to collaboration, art teaches us some of the most important human values, and she’s excited to help increase access to quality art programs in Kirkland and the Eastside.

Role of the Board

The Board of Directors plays a vital role in the leadership of Kirkland Arts Center. The Board provides the guidance and support necessary for KAC to fulfill its mission, vision, and goals. Board members actively participate in areas such as finance, marketing, fundraising, and strategic and event planning.

About Kirkland Arts Center (KAC)

Kirkland Arts Center is a nonprofit visual arts school and gallery, as well as the owner steward of the historic Peter Kirk Building. KAC was founded as the Creative Arts League in 1962 by artists and citizens who were interested in providing local opportunities in the arts and a passion for preserving the Peter Kirk Building. 

For more than 60 years, KAC has owned and maintained this historic structure and transformed it into an exhibition gallery, community arts studio, and home to 2D and 3D art classrooms that serve Eastside students of all ages and skill levels.

KAC’s Mission

Kirkland Arts Center unleashes the power of art to ignite individual growth and self-expression, build community spirit, and cultivate cultural vibrancy. 

Roles and Responsibilities of KAC’s Board of Directors

Each individual board member is expected to:

  • commit to a three-year term; 
  • give a meaningful personal financial donation that places KAC in your top 3 philanthropic commitments annually;
  • participate fully in one or more KAC standing committees;
  • Understand the Fiduciary Responsibilities of a board;
  • know the organization’s mission, policies, programs, and needs;
  • follow the organization’s bylaws, policies, and board resolutions;
  • Act as advocates and ambassadors for KAC, leveraging social networks and resources to support the organization;
  • prepare for, attend, and conscientiously participate in monthly board meetings, especially faithfully reading and understanding the organization’s financial statements;
  • maintain confidentiality about all internal matters of the organization.

To satisfy its fiduciary duties as the leadership body of the Kirkland Arts Center, the board of directors as a whole is responsible for:

  • making key decisions regarding the organization’s mission, strategy, and goals;
  • selecting and evaluating the performance of the executive director;
  • strategic and organizational planning;
  • ensuring strong fiduciary oversight and financial management;
  • fundraising and resource development;
  • enhancing the organization’s public image; and
  • assessing its own performance as the governing body of the organization.

Advisory Council

  • Susan Pappalardo, Co-Chair
  • Brad Weed, Co-Chair
  • John Adams
  • Harmony Arnold
  • Bill Ballantine
  • Carol Belval
  • Carl Bradley
  • Merrily Dicks
  • Ashwin Gonibeed
  • Mary Lu Hawes
  • Taylor Hawes
  • Holly Koelling
  • Joan McBride
  • Suzy Mings
  • Michael Monroe
  • Marty Peterson
  • Marcelo Prieto
  • Susan Thurston