Outreach & Scholarships

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Educational Outreach

As part of our mission to support creative practice and curiosity, as well as community participation in the visual arts, Kirkland Arts Center seeks to partner community organizations, nonprofits, government and industry to offer visual arts programs and outreach opportunities.

To inquire about an educational partnership with Kirkland Arts Center, please email education@kirklandartscenter.org or call (425) 822-7161 for more information.


Kirkland Arts Center is a nonprofit visual arts school focused on fostering creative curiosity, promoting visual arts education and exhibition, and serving our diverse community. We have been providing enriching, vibrant arts experiences to downtown Kirkland and the greater Eastside for more than 60 years.  We strive to maintain an active, equitable scholarship program.  Our aim is to increase accessibility to participation in the arts, arts education, and arts exhibition.  An active, inclusive participation in the arts enlivens minds, stirs curiosity, builds connections among us, and enriches our community economically, socially, and culturally. Through art making and participation, we build together an ever-increasingly reflective, creative, culturally vibrant and economically healthy community.

In 2020, Kirkland Arts Center awarded $19,961 in scholarships for arts classes and workshops.

Alternative Materials youth summer camp students

Scholarship funding has been provided by the Kirkland Interfaith Network and The Bradley Family Foundation, as well as generous individual donors. Find out how you can contribute.

Scholarship Eligibility & Application

Kirkland Arts Center tuition scholarships cover a portion of class tuition, up to 100% discount. Scholarships are limited and available on a financial need basis and dependent upon availability of funds. For information or to apply, send the following information to education@kirklandartscenter.org.

  1. Full Name
  2. Email
  3. Telephone
  4. Residential Address
  5. Your class of interest
  6. Best day/time to contact you
  7. Scholarship recipients are asked to talk about their experiences and resulting works with the Director of Education at the quarter’s conclusion. This 20-30 minute meeting will be arranged with the scholarship recipients. The purpose is to learn about the students experiences and ways we can improve.

Policy:  Scholarships apply only to tuition and do not include student supplies, materials, equipment, or fees except when noted; these are solely the responsibility of students, except when noted. Scholarships are awarded for one quarter and may not be extended for additional quarters. Application for a scholarship does not guarantee a scholarship will be awarded.  Scholarships are applied directly to the price of tuition at the time of registration by Education Department staff who must register the scholarship recipient. Scholarships may not be redeemed for cash nor transferred. Kirkland Arts Center reserves the right to discontinue the scholarship program at any time. Email education@kirklandartscenter.org. for assistance or more information.

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