Laments: Cut Paper by Ann Chadwick Reid

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Cut paper artist Ann Chadwick Reid explores the complex relationship between her community and the global industry that exists because of our dependency on fossil fuels, on display at the Kirkland Public Library. View open hours.

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  • Ann Chadwick Reid, Cut Paper Artist

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Artist’s Statement

Living on an island provides me with access to nature and in particular the variety of plants, animals, birds and aquatic species that live close to and are dependent on the waters of the Salish Sea. My work is about where I live on Samish Island in Skagit County This area supports farming, commercial fisheries, recreation and tourism. It is also home to two large oil refineries and is daily traversed by a rail system that carries oil and coal for export. An oil spill or train derailment are daily threats. Population declines in marine fish and birds suggest a system that is stressed and in need of protection. Each morning I count the number of oil tankers parked north of the island. They remind me of the divergent ways in which we choose to use our natural resources and the complex relationship between the valley where I live and a global industry that exists because of our dependency on fossil fuels. These issues pose questions about environmental ethics as we are confronted with a growing population and climate change. I create paper cuts as fragile as our environment to celebrate the special nature and remarkable diversity of this intertidal region. The challenge for Northwest communities is to initiate and support conversations that lead to cooperation and sustainable solutions.

About the Artist

Originally from Eastern Washington Ann now lives in the Skagit Valley on Samish Island in Washington State. As a cut paper artist her inspiration comes from this rural landscape wedged between the Cascade Mountains and the Salish Sea. Her work is inspired by an interest in environmental challenges particular to communities across the Northwest and by historic hand cut paper artwork. After completing undergraduate and graduate work at Eastern Washington University she taught in the Art Department of Skagit Valley College for twenty-two years. Since leaving teaching in 2008 she has worked continually in her studio exhibiting throughout Washington, Idaho, Oregon and California. She received an Artist Trust GAP grant in 2010 and attended the Brush Creek Ranch Residency program in 2017. Her work can be seen in the collection of Kent City Hall, Kent, WA, Island Hospital in Anacortes WA, Skagit Regional Clinics, Mount Vernon,WA, and the King County Public Art Collection.

All artwork displayed at the Kirkland Public Library Satellite Exhibition is for sale as marked by the Kirkland Arts Center.