Seeing Remnants in Life

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Red Ratchet Strap Remnant Relationship (RRSRR) 2022
12,000 ft of donated and reclaimed red ratchet straps, constructed in 5 sections
92×339 inches (variable)


Interdisciplinary abstract artist, Megan Prince, wants to create with your waste. An advocate for the zero waste movement, Prince continuously questions what materials are deemed as useful or castaways, more so, Prince uses such forgotten materials as a way to think deeper on how we treat ourselves, our community, and the planet. The largest of an ongoing series of sculptures, Remnant Relationships, Red Ratchet Strap Remnant Relationship, or RRSRR, is a multicomponent fiber sculpture made of 12,000 feet of reclaimed red ratchet strap. Traditionally used in construction or the moving of large objects, Prince has hand woven 5 separate sections of sculpture, each representing conversations, emotions, and the valleys and peaks that come with relationships. Prince then connects the pieces together, weaving the excess strap into the next, building up and down the structure and shape bringing the individual pieces together as one. 

Impermanent is the largest work of another ongoing drawing series, 1,000 Paintings of Love. Using red sharpie, Prince draws varying shapes into clusters in representation of the importance of individuality and the significance of each and every one of us within our micro and macro communities. 

Please check for exhibition programming and opportunities to meet Megan.

This project was supported in part by a grant from 4 Culture.

The Kirkland Public Library is located at 308 Kirkland Ave, Kirkland, WA 98033.

Impermanent 2022
red Sharpie on photography seamless
80×105 inches