A Witness

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A Witness is Adina Segal’s debut solo exhibition; Adina was the People’s Choice Award Winner of KAC’s first ever all-digital exhibition, Speak Up, which took place last Summer.

Artist Statement:

Imagine you could see through the time and space of this moment. What would it look like? Would you see light refracted and reflected off all objects until the objects cease to exist and all that is left is an ocean of light and matter? What if you could travel across the surface of this ocean in any and all directions to see how all the shapes shift and undulate? Or dive down deep to see how far down it goes and how the pressure changes and compresses what you perceive?

When I approach a blank canvas these are the questions swirling in my mind as I dip into a spiritual flow state and try to take the things we can’t perceive with our eyes and make them into a tangible reality.

This body of work was created using a process of intuitive creation. For me this process is a spiritual one where I feel as though I actually become the medium for expression by a divine entity. It feels as though my hand and mind are being directed by something other that is communicating through me what the infinite universe looks like to them.

My artistic expression and the process of creation is actually a performance art piece for an audience of one (myself) and those fleeting moments of divine intuitive expression—that only I experienced—are recorded and translated onto the canvas.

Documenting this experience makes the intangible, tangible. It turns a fleeting moment into a permanent object of expression. It takes something pure and divine from another plane of existence and brings it into this world and this reality.

Exhibition Dates: August 20-October 30, 2021.

Gallery Hours: 12 pm – 6 pm Thursdays & Fridays | 12 pm – 4 pm Saturdays


In the words of the artist, in the form of an original poem:

In my heart I hold a Spark of divinity.

It is sacred, and I kindle it with quiet solitude.

And in the quiet, I hold it’s infinite space and possibility.


As I tend my Spark, urging it to fill me to bursting—

I use its energy to worship.

I become a medium—a go-between…


From the ever expanding universe to the limits of this world:

Taking ideas from the ether and turning their beauty into a tangible reality.


A reality that not even I could have imagined because it didn’t come from me.


It came to me and through me—

I am merely a witness recording the divine.