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Seth! Leary, Education Director

Education Director

Seth! Leary
(425) 822-7161 x105

I have been a Kirkland resident for roughly 20 years, following 30 years of living in the Midwest. I’m a graduate of the University of Illinois where I studied art education and sculpture. I’ve spent most of the last three decades working in the fields of art, education, and exhibit design. My artistic media are primarily digital animation, photography, and graphic design. When I’m particularly ambitious, I cut loose in painting and illustration. I find that art goes well with a medium rare steak and glass of red wine. My wife and I have three grown kids who have a more refined sense of humor than I. I like business cards with rounded corners and the color purple.
Jennifer Gill, Development Director

Development Director

Jennifer Gill
(425) 822-7161 x103

Jennifer Gill loves working at Kirkland Arts Center as the Development Director, where she has served since 2012. Her love for art and painting began at a young age and she has enjoyed oil painting and other 2D art classes at KAC. In 2007, Jennifer received her Masters from Princeton Seminary in theology, communication, and literary criticism. Prior to her work at Kirkland Arts Center, Jennifer spent 8 years in Healthcare, serving both University of Washington and Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. She loves the creative process and the personal transformation this inspires and enjoys coming to work each day surrounded by beautiful and thought-provoking art. In her spare time, she enjoys relaxing with her husband Andy and daughters Lucy and Hazel.
Pam Rembold, Executive Director, photo credit: Marc Hoffman - Songbird Photography

Executive Director

Pamela Kirk Rembold
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Liz VanBemmel, Education Project Manager

Education Project Manager

Liz VanBemmel
(425) 822-7161 x101

Liz started at Kirkland Arts Center first as student in 2012, then as a volunteer. In 2013, she joined the Education Department staff where she is now the Education Project Manager. Before KAC, Liz earned her Bachelor’s degree in K-12 Art Education and Women’s Studies at South Dakota State University and she was the Assistant to the Curator of Collections at the South Dakota Art Museum. Liz enjoys watercolor painting, woodblock printing, teaching her dog new tricks, and working on her fixer-upper house with her husband.
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Marketing & Events Specialist

Kate Burnley
(425) 822-7161 x106

Jenny has been passionate about the visual arts and exemplary community organizations since a young age. She began working with Kirkland Arts Center in 2012, where she now serves as the Development and Marketing Manager. She is also currently pursuing her MBA at the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business. Prior to her role at KAC, she was the Executive Assistant to the CEO of Strategic News Service and the Future in Review Conference, after graduating from Bates College in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts degree. In her free time, Jenny enjoys being active and creative, including horseback riding, playing volleyball, taking her dog for outdoor adventures, and making intaglio prints.
Colleen Lenahan, Exhibitions Program Manager

Gallery Manager

Colleen Lenahan
(425) 822-7161 x102

Colleen Lenahan graduated with honors from Harvard College in 2010 with a degree in Hispanic Studies and a secondary field in Archaeology. For her honors thesis, she compared the feminist imagery in the artwork of painters Frida Kahlo and Remedios Varo. She moved to Seattle in 2011 to attend the University of Washington’s Museology Graduate Program, from which she graduated in 2013 with her Master’s degree. While in graduate school, she completed curatorial internships at EMP Museum and Highline Historical Society. For her thesis project, she curated the first ever visual art exhibit at the Renton History Museum using the City of Renton’s public art collection. From 2013 to 2015, she worked at the Renton History Museum as the Public Engagement Coordinator, managing the volunteer program and the Museum’s public programs. She is ecstatic to be managing the exhibitions at KAC and working again with her primary love: the visual arts.
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Jenn Gavlin
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Pat Colyar, Senior Ceramics Technician

Senior Ceramics Technician

Pat Colyar

Pat Colyar is the Senior Ceramics Technician at the Kirkland Arts Center and she has taught ceramics since 1988. She enjoys helping people learn about the joys of clay work while discovering their own abilities. She specializes in making functional ceramic ware and two-dimensional wall pieces and sells her work through various local galleries.
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Finance Manager

Jan Burdue
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