Modern Cuba: 55 Years after the Revolution

Bill Royce, Modern Cuba: 55 Years after the Revolution
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  • Venue: Kirkland Public Library, 308 Kirkland Ave., Kirkland, WA 98033

Photographer and KAC Instructor Bill Royce documents contemporary life in Cuba through a series of photographs taken in 2014, on display at the Kirkland Public Library. View open hours.

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Artist’s Statement

Photographic images of the Cuban people and their surroundings are very timely due to the recent beginning of normalization and establishment of diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba. Viewers can achieve a better understanding of the current situation of the average Cuban citizen from seeing the images in this exhibit, taken during a photographic cultural tour with two Cuban photographers in 2014. My photographs show not only the result of decades of extreme Marxist-Leninist socialism, but also show a people with simple lives and simple pleasures who still have pride in their culture.

This collection of photos represents a very personal view of Old Havana, Regla (a suburb of Havana across the harbor) and the Viñales Valley, about 2 1/2 hours west of Havana. Due in large part to the thoughtful and expert guidance of the two Cuban photographers who accompanied me, combined with an unobtrusive technique, I was able to capture scenes that are not typical of the usual tourist visit. My encounters with the Cuban people were always courteous and friendly.

About the Artist

William F. (Bill) Royce is a lifelong photographer with a primary interest in street photography who lives in Kirkland, WA. He is a retired fighter pilot and test pilot, which has provided him with numerous opportunities to shoot photos of airplanes and people from the 1960s onward.

Royce is an Adobe-Certified Expert in Adobe Lightroom; he teaches Introduction to Lightroom workshops at Kirkland Arts Center. Learn more and register now!

All artwork displayed at the Kirkland Public Library Satellite Exhibition is for sale as marked by the Kirkland Arts Center.

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