2020 Summer Camper Gallery

2020 Summer Camper Gallery 2020-08-31T11:08:23-07:00

Welcome to KAC’s Kids Summer Art Gallery! 

This summer, we chose to hold all our usual summer art camps online due to coronavirus, as we deemed it to be the safest option. Although this posed several challenges, the feedback we got from these camps was overwhelmingly positive and we feel that even in a difficult situation, we were able to reach many in a way that was educational and still engaging.

We had some very talented and creative students joining us for our virtual camps this summer, and so decided to create a gallery to serve as a platform for these kids to showcase their work and share it with others. This gallery was designed to be a fun end of summer celebration of all the kids’ amazing creativity and astounding art. A special thanks to all who participated in our camps, and please enjoy!

STEAM Stone Soup Camp

In this camp we used science, technology, engineering, art and math to create some fantastic pieces of art. We learned about cave paintings, rocks and geodes, space, the solar system, fossils and much more! We also did some fun artistic experiments like making our own fossils and painting with salt.

Myths, Dragons, Beasts and Mermaids Camp

In this camp we used our creativity and imagination to create a whole bunch of different magical creatures! We painted and drew dragons, mermaids, fairies, and many, many more! Some fun art projects we did in this camp include making a model magic creature and experimenting with watercolors.

Kaleidoscopes and Slime Camp

This camp involved getting messy! We did a lot of super awesome projects, including making our very own kaleidoscopes and slime, as well as baking soda and vinegar volcanoes and many more! One very important lesson we learned is that we can make our mistakes into something even better!

Comics, Anime and Art Stories Camp

In this camp we created our own comics! We started by making up characters, plotlines and drew storyboards. We also had the opportunity to talk to a real illustrator and ask him questions about his work. This camp required us to use our imagination and be creative!