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Capability is a meditation on gun culture and gun violence in the United States. Artists from the local and national community reflect on the multi-faceted ways in which guns have woven themselves into our cultural identity. Capability uses compassion and empathy to dissect the historical and contemporary contexts that address the questions: How did we get here? How do we move forward?

Featuring Scott Horn, Holly Ballard Martz, Carol Rashawnna, and many more, Capability asks the viewer to contend with our national history and our personal identities. What are we capable of doing as individuals? What are we capable of allowing as a nation? How can we talk about these problems without vilifying the “other side” – whomever that means?

The themes with which we frame gun violence have changed throughout the 21st century, but guns have continued to be a focal point in our art making as our society grapples what their place is in this contemporaneous moment. What makes “Capability” different is that it ties multiple themes together. Instead of treating police brutality, suicide, mass shootings, hunting, masculinity, and more, as separate issues, it looks at the way that gun use and gun violence are threads that link together these strands in our society.

This exhibit is in partnership with the UW Emerging Curator Initiative (ECI). ECI allows Museology students develop exhibit concepts, and one student is selected to curate their concept through a show at the Kirkland Arts Center.


  • Maggie DeFranco, UW Museology Graduate Student, Class of 2019

Featured Artists

  • Meaghan Kelly
  • David Sokal
  • Carol Rashawnna
  • Emily Erb
  • Scott Horn
  • Holly Ballard Martz
  • Chris Buening
  • Emma Petersky
  • Melanie Reed

Opening Reception

Friday, March 22th, 2019 at 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Free to the public. Meet the artists and curator. $5 wine and beer.


Artwork: Security Blanket by Holly Ballard Martz