2020 Juried Exhibition: Threshold

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The artworks chosen for Threshold  were not only a response to the concept of a threshold, a marked point of passing between spaces or states of being, but the works chosen also speak to pressing issues we face as a society at this moment in time.  The present is itself a threshold between past and future, the only moment in which we are able to act. At this particular point in time, it seems like much is at stake and much action is needed.


Featuring the work of:

Lalitha Bandaru
Dina Barzel
Jacqueline Calladine
Cheryl Chudyk
E. Valentine DeWald II
Chris Fitzgerald
Greer Fowler
Ronald Gonzalez
Trish Harding
PD Jensen
Steve Jensen
Fred Lisaius
Jim Phalen
Carol Ross
Miha Sarani
Naomi Spinak
Amanda Sweet
Kenenth Susynski
Carmi Weingrod
Suze Woolf
Kelly Dylla, KAC Executive Director 
Geneva Baldauf, KAC Exhbitions and Education Coordinator
J. Gordon, KAC Gallery Curator and Exhibitions Designer
Steve Jensen
Ice Canoe (Ice is Melting – Our Ship is Sinking), 2019
Cast Crystal


This is the first exhibition of KAC’s 2020 theme: Heritage and Hindsight. The exhibitions featured in our gallery this year will be speaking to and honoring where we’ve come from and where we’d like to go. 

Opening Reception

Date: Friday, January 10, 2020 at 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Free to the public. $5 wine and beer. Free parking is available.