Summer Quarter Registration 2024

  • Members may start registering at 12 PM on Tuesday, May 7.
    Memberships must be current before or on this date to register. About Memberships.
  • General public may start registering at 12 PM on Tuesday, May 14.

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Kirkland Arts Center uses an online class catalog system that automatically prohibits registrations prior to the opening times/dates. Attempts to register early will receive an error message. Try again on the time and day provided above.

Registration is available online or in-person.  Come to the Education Team office, 3rd floor of the Arts Center, no earlier than the time and date registration opens as stated above. Staff work 9-5 pm weekdays, excluding meetings, work breaks, or offsite appointments. Note that in-person registration may be slower than online registration, if there is a line.

For  help or questions: