Chromosome Painting
Friday, May 25, 2012 (All day) to Friday, July 6, 2012 (All day)
Reception date: 
Friday, June 1, 2012 - 6:00pm
Hours open: 
Monday-Friday 11 AM - 6 PM, Saturday 11 AM - 5 PM
Genevieve Gaiser Tremblay

Gallery talk with artist Geraldine Ondrizek, curator Genevieve Gaiser Tremblay, and Robin Bennett, Co-Director of Genetic Medicine Clinic   


Friday, June 1, 5 PM and Saturday, June 2, 2 PM


Closing talk and reception: Friday, July 6, 6 PM


This exhibition brings together three bodies of work generated from Ondrizek's two-year collaboration with the department of Medical Genetics at the University of Washington. The exhibition includes work made for the artist's University of Washington commission Chromosome 17 and the piece created for the Portland Art Museum, Case Study.  


Also included are several large silk panels made from the image of a DNA microarray. A microarray is an assemblage of microscopic DNA spots that consist of small amounts of DNA sequences known as "probes" affixed to a solid surface, generally a glass or silicone chip. The hybridization of a probe and target sequence is visualized with fluorescence or chemiluminescence that produces red, yellow, green and blue dots that glow like a grid of stars in a night sky.


Chromosome Paintings was made specifically for the Kirkland Arts Center, and is based on the image of a synteny map, a colorful, striped array that compares gene sequences between species to elucidate the evolution of chromosomes.   


This set of Chromosome Paintings Scarves, designed by Geraldine Ondrizek, are sold to benefit the University of Washington Genetic Medicine Clinic and Cancer Center. The funds will be used for education and research for those who have cancer and are unable to afford medical diagnosis and treatment. Additionally, it will help those who have cancer to bank their DNA for their children and extended family for future genetic testing. Purchase at


For more information more information on Geraldine Ondrizek's work,  visit her website.



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This exhibit is being funded in part by: Oregon Arts Commission, The Ford Foundation and Stillman Drake Fund, Reed College, and 4Culture


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Geraldine Ondrizek is a research based artist and professor of Art and Art History. Her work ignites interest, and inquiry around the diseases of Cancer and their influence on individuals and families. She relies heavily on scientific inquiry, focuses on the documentation of biological specimens and systems of categorization. She develops fields of inquiry and initiates collaborations with genetic scientists, which trace ethnic identity, life span and genetically inherited conditions.  
Robin Bennett is one of the most prominent genetic counselors in the nation, and teaches human genetics in the medical school. She is a pioneer in developing genetic counseling practices that have become standard worldwide.  
Genevieve Tremblay is an artist, curator, and public scholar working at the convergence of art and technology. Her practice integrates research, teaching, service, and public engagement. She is focused on creating interdisciplinary collaboration with social-minded innovators who are creatively applying digital, mobile and game technologies to art, education, and civic engagement initiatives.